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In Fanipol will be held fire extinguishing exercises at the tank farm

Rescuers today will hold a fire extinguishing exercise at the oil depot in Fanipol, BelTA learned from the Minsk Regional Emergency Department.

Special tactical exercises will be held in the territory of the FANIPOL oil depot Belorusneft-Minskobnefteprodukt in the Dzerzhinsk region. "Rescuers will work to extinguish fires and eliminate emergencies in warehouses of oil and petroleum products. According to the teachings of the exercise, a flared valve of the reservoir where gasoline is stored will cause emergency situations," the management said. "Fire will cause an explosion of flammable liquid with subsequent burning fuel in the tank. Specialists will demonstrate actions to eliminate the emergency, assist the victims. "

As noted in the department, 21 years ago, on October 15, 1997, at this facility burned fuel in one of the tanks. That is why this day is chosen for training. The exercise will be attended by veterans who participated in the elimination of the accident in 1997, as well as employees of the facility and the Emergencies Ministry units.

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