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Innovations in personified accounting of the Federal Tax Service will help to quickly solve employment issues - the Ministry of Labor

In Belarus, control is strengthened for organizations that pay salaries below their minimum wage to their employees, and measures are being taken to monitor personnel flow more quickly. This is stipulated by the amendments to the Rules for the Individual (Personalized) Accounting of Insured Persons in the System of State Social Insurance, which were introduced by Resolution of the Council of Ministers of August 9, 2018 No. 589 "On Amendments and Additions to Resolution No. 837 of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of July 8, 1997" , BelTA learned from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

From October 1, 2018, individual data on the amount of payments (income) taken into account when assigning pensions, and premiums in the form of PU- 3 pr dstavlyayutsya employers for the first nine months of this year the citizens of performing work under civil law contracts. The deadline for submitting such forms is October 2018. "This information is necessary for the correct formation of a database of able-bodied citizens who are not employed in the economy, in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers on March 31, 2018 No. 239" On the Approval of the Regulations on the Procedure for the Recognition of Employable Citizens for Those Not Employed in the Economy, citizens who are not engaged in the economy, including interaction of state bodies and organizations for these purposes, "the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection explained.

And from January 1, 2019, -3 quarterly (in the month following the reporting quarter) and in a new format, a new column appeared: "The reason for calculating the payments (income) for which insurance contributions are calculated is below the level of the monthly minimum wage established and indexed in accordance with the legislation" This supplement will help to timely identify employers that violate legislation and restore the legal rights of insured persons. A shortening of the deadline for submitting the form will create conditions for the prompt response of the bodies of the Social Welfare Fund of the Ministry of Labor to cases of failure to provide individual information on the insured person. For individuals who pay their compulsory insurance contributions independently, The deadline for submitting the PU-3 form is once a year no later than March 31 (the deadline was earlier than May 1).

In addition, from July 1, 2019, information on reception and dismissal in the form of PU-2 are presented in a new format and more operative but - by the 10th of the month following the reporting quarter. Also, now it will be necessary to indicate the form of the employment relationship, the grounds for dismissal, the names of the positions of employees, the occupations of the workers for whom the workers are accepted, and also if they are transferred to another position.

The Ministry of Labor noted that the information obtained as a result of the collection and recording of data on the professions of workers and the positions of employees will allow to determine the demand for the economy in personnel by main groups of occupations and to react promptly to a possible imbalance in the labor market, to identify a shortage (surplus) of specialists in the region based economic activities. They will help to identify the reasons for staff turnover, encourage employers to comply with labor legislation, legalize work activities, carry out preventive measures for those dismissed in connection with violation of labor laws, including those prone to an antisocial way of life.

And the new terms of submission of reporting forms improve the process of receipt and processing of personalized records, guarantee the correct entry of information on individual personal accounts insured persons.

Also these measures are the basis for the introduction of the electronic workbook. In particular, starting from July 1, 2019, the opening of the individual personal account of the insured person for the holders of the identification number in the identity document will be carried out on the basis of the forms PU-2 or PU-3. That is, they do not need to fill in or update the data that is included in them, which reduces the workflow and saves the payer time of compulsory insurance contributions.

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